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coming to New York from Florida over a decade ago 

 took on a career of a Body Piercer with owning a Tattoo shop In Brooklyn Art Is Life Ink  moved on and work at Black Ink and now   Actress , celebrity  Hostess of Blow Your Smoke. Branding in many ventures of life including CBD retailer

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NIPPLE PIERCINGS WITH PIERCER LADY DAY 10 seconds and both nipple are pierced :

SINISA LABROVIC ART IS LIFE INK WITH ARTIST ;LADY DAY The Queer New York International Arts Festival returns for a third year with a diverse slate of performances by artists from around the world. Broadening the traditional concept of “queer” (in) art, QNYI challenges perceptions about what queer is — and can be. During the Festival’s intensely paced twelve days, New York audiences will have the opportunity to experience a range of performances that challenge heteronorms and the status quo on various levels, by artists who are probing contents and contexts of different performing art formats and redefining the margins of their expressive forms. 

Siniša Labrović

Playful, provocative and laced with acid humour, the performances of Siniša Labrović offer an oblique and at times disturbing commentary on the state of Croatia today. Born in Sinj in 1965, qualified school teacher Labrović was a relative latecomer to the world of full-time art. His first work in 2000 involved wrapping bandages on damaged sculptures of World War II Partisans, a wry comment on how anti-fascist memorials had been left to rot.

Labrović’s reputation for mischief was further enhanced by The Flock(2005), a parody of TV reality shows involving seven sheep – the least popular of which would be eaten first. As Labrović said at the time, “these sheep don’t know how to project their image but I hope that at least one of them might become a star”. Labrović’s contribution to the 2009 Istanbul Biennale was a book called Postgraduate Education, a squirming appropriate self-help manual for the young and ambitious which included chapters such as “Politics and Extortion”, and “Behaviour in Criminal Circles”. Labrović’s finest hour came in September 2010, when he challenged the then minister of culture Božo Biškupić to a boxing match, erecting a ring in front of Zagreb’s Central Station and attracting a sizeable crowd. Not surprisingly, Biškupić failed to turn up, leaving the artist’s supporters to hail Labrović as the new minister. Labrović arrived at the ministry to take up his new post the following morning. After handshakes and photographs with the incumbent, Labrović graciously offered to return to his career as an artist. 

VIA~TIME OUT  http://timeoutcroatia.com/culture/contemporary-art/sinisa-labrovic/

A reverse interview where you get to blow your smoke with outrageous SMOKECUMS!!!!!



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http://www.cityofwomen.org/en/content/2012/video/rocio-boliver-between-menopause-and-old-age  “Performance of gender, Rocío as a performance artist and specifically as myself, a 56 year old woman living in the 21st Century, a time where we still suffer from ageism. By questioning the capitalist system that's imposed on women in this stage of life (age): "Between Menopause and Old Age"...To age gracefully? Hell no! I'm psychotic about how this media PHENOMENON is used to convert the victim (of age) in a compulsive consumer, lost in the useless search for her lost youth. My proposal aims to demystify the horror of old age in an ironical way, inventing my own deranged aesthetic and moral solutions for the "problem of age". Finally, I hope my mockery of this absurd contemporary reality exposes a broken society based on looks and how old age became synonymous of an insult. (Rocío Boliver)

Production and organization: City of Women; In collaboration with: Kapelica Gallery.

Supported by: A Space for Live Art.

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Fun good energy

It’s really funny and awesome and feel good podcast


Elizabeth Rix

5 years ago

I was really nervous about getting my nipples pierced ! I have very low pain tolerance :( but the woman who pierced me was super sweet and made me laugh the whole time , not only that but she was ridiculously fast so I hardly felt anything! Great place for piercing's :

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